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Raxx On Raxx is an established and accomplished Canadian Record Label that was founded in 2016 by Tiger Smith.

In just four short years artists under RaxxonRaxx have amassed over 3 million views on YouTube and 2 million streams on various music streaming services. RaxxonRaxx procure, discover, develop and support talent to the best ability. Talent under RaxxonRaxx are heavily promoted, provided an already popular platform, and provided unrequited access to the best Canadian videographers, studio equipment, and many other benefits.
While in its infancy RaxxonRaxx has made a huge impact in the Canadian hiphop scene, and they show no signs of slowing down. Expect to hear more accomplishments, more hits, and more success stories from this Black Owned Business.

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Looney da Block Boy

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Raxx on Raxx believes in their artists and shows it through a commitment to advancing their careers. All of our artists have access to top-level studio equipment, the best videographers, and a strong social media presence. Because we give our best we only work with the best, with the hardest workers, and most importantly those who are 100% dedicated to their dreams.
If you got what it takes to be part of the winning team tell us about yourself below!

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…was born Ibrahim Kabba in Sierra Leone on September 26, 1998. At age 2, his mother, Aminatu was forced to seek refuge in Canada due to the civil war in Sierra Leone. Growing up Ibrahim watched his single mother work two jobs to provide for their little family. He credits his mother for instilling his tenacious hardworking spirit. Ibrahim followed his passions and found great success playing soccer and basketball throughout his high school years.
However, at age 16, he felt pulled towards the world of music. At 17, he wrote his first song titled “No Game”. He didn’t realize it then but this moment would a catalyst that would change his life. After being discovered by RaxxonRaxx founder Tiger Smith, ZoeZoe2Fresh was born and with that came a celebrated career in only a few short years.
To date, ZoeZoe has performed with several international superstars such as Timaya, Demarco, 2FaceBaba, and PSquare.Since 2018 ZoeZoe has blessed us with banger after banger. With fire singles such as ‘All Talk’, ‘Body Rock’, ‘Sacrifice’, and ‘Drip Drip’, it’s understandable how ZoeZoe has over 2 million Youtube views and over 1 million Spotify streams.
With undeniable talent, grit, and determination ZoeZoe’s career is one to watch!